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        Company Profile

        XiaMen MingLv Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development, processing and sales of aluminum alloy profiles (building materials, industrial materials). (profile extrusion is produced by the representative factory)

        Building aluminum: doors and windows, guardrails, curtain walls, sunlight room, shutters, aluminum formwork Series products.

        Industrial aluminum: aviation, transportation, communication, packaging, equipment, electrical appliances, furniture, decoration, support Series products.

        Surface treatment: powder spraying, anodizing, wood grain transfer, electrophoresis champagne, electrophoresis sandblasting.

        The company's geographical position is superior, the environment is elegant, the transportation is convenient and fast, and the information is developed. Since its establishment, it has been people-oriented, adapted to local conditions, and focused on strengthening the cultivation and management of talent quality. It is the company's enterprise tenet to pursue excellence, keep improving, create first-class quality and build first-class brand. It adheres to the development concept of seeking truth and innovation, striving to create excellent products to lead the new trend of profiles and meet new requirements; With the persistence and pursuit of beauty, constantly strengthen the quality, beauty and individuality of products, with a more perfect product marketing concept and high-quality and efficient service spirit; in line with the responsibility for customer service and product quality, for staff life and work quality, and for social obligations and responsibilities

        The company's products and brands have far-reaching influence in the domestic similar enterprises. The excellent R & D and design team has negotiated and customized various personalized products for the vast real estate industry, and won the recognition of a large number of outstanding users, laying a good foundation for the sustainable development of Al aluminum industry. We will take the positive and enterprising scientific and technological spirit as the driving force, the keen market judgment as the guide, and the honest service as the guide Based on the business philosophy of talent development and scientific management, aiming at solving the actual problems of customers, adhering to the objective and just position, scientifically and rigorously creating a new win-win environment for new and old customers and sincerely thanking all friends for their trust and support as always; we will return to you with excellent product quality, favorable market price, perfect after-sales service Feed new and old customers; welcome to call Advisory cooperation, we are dedicated to provide you with quality services

        MingLv - focus on aluminum industry, aluminum experts around you.

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