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        Aluminum alloy guardrail

        Guardrail is mainly used for the protection and protection of personal safety and equipment and facilities in residential, highway, commercial area, public places and other occasions.

        Technical features of electrostatic spraying assembly guardrail: apply electrostatic spraying assembly aluminum alloy guardrail technology, combine with high-end surface treatment technology, and put on fashionable clothes for guardrail. At this time, guardrail has a very eye-catching decorative function, colorful, full of artistic beauty and metal texture, which can give people a harmonious, decent and perfect visual and psychological feeling; it conforms to urban civilization and modern people The requirement of residence is beautiful and intelligent. With the smooth and simple line shape and exquisite and transparent visual sense, it creates the colorful aluminum alloy guardrail with different styles, straight and handsome, moving and unforgettable, bringing people a new visual landscape.

        Nobel color ionomer high temperature curing layer: excellent anti-corrosion and impact resistance, excellent UV resistance, anti-oxidation and surface self-cleaning performance, with a color change rate of no more than 10% in 15 years. As aluminum alloy guardrail has the advantages of high strength, beautiful appearance and bright color, it has become the mainstream product used in residential areas and the first choice for real estate development.


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