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        Solar photovoltaic support

        Solar photovoltaic support is a special support designed for the placement, installation and fixation of solar panels in solar photovoltaic power generation system. The world energy crisis has promoted the rapid development of new energy industry, and solar energy is the most important basic energy among all kinds of renewable energy; therefore, as a solar power generation technology to convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy, photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly; in the old concept, photovoltaic industry mainly includes solar module production chain, control device, inverter and other electrical control components Production chain.

        The application advantages of solar support system in solar panel support are far more than simple production and installation. The solar panel can also move flexibly according to the sun's light and season. Just like when just installed, the slope of each solar panel can be adjusted to adapt to different angles of light by moving fasteners, and the solar panel can be accurately fixed at the specified position by re fastening One of the most important characteristics of any type of solar PV support design is its weatherability The structure must be firm and reliable, able to withstand atmospheric erosion, wind load and other external effects. Safe and reliable installation, achieving the maximum use effect with the minimum installation cost, almost maintenance free and reliable maintenance are all important factors to be considered when making the selection scheme. High wear-resistant materials are used in the solution to resist wind snow load and other corrosive effects. The aluminum alloy anodizing and anti UV aging technologies are comprehensively used to ensure the service life of solar energy support and solar energy tracking.

        The maximum wind resistance of the solar powered support is 216KM / h, and the maximum wind resistance of the solar powered tracking support is 150km / h (greater than the level 13 typhoon). Compared with the traditional fixed support (the same number of solar panels), the new solar module support system represented by solar single axis tracking support and solar double axis tracking support can greatly improve the power generation of solar modules. The power generation of solar single axis tracking support can be increased by 25%, and the power generation of solar double axis support can even be increased by 40% - 6% 0%.


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