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        How big is the function of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in summer?

        In summer, when the sun is shining, the words "go out for five minutes, sweat for two hours" are also welcomed in recent years. In the outdoor, it is also hot in the indoor. Through heat transfer, the indoor temperature will rise, and you will sweat when you stay at home. Today, Xiao Kai tells you about the role of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in summer.

        Cut off the bridge aluminum doors and windows in summer heat insulation, cut off 90% of the infrared, so that the heat of transparent glass greatly reduced, the indoor temperature will not rise sharply, give the householder a comfortable space. The remaining 10% of infrared rays pass through the window, promoting blood circulation and metabolism.

        Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in the summer sun, 90% of the UV, protect the indoor home will not be white due to exposure, delay the aging time of the home, reduce the cost of interior decoration. It can also protect indoor users from strong sunlight and sunburn. The remaining 10% of ultraviolet rays play a bactericidal role through the window and protect human health.

        At the same time of heat insulation and sun protection, due to the reduction of heat exchange, the working efficiency of indoor variable frequency air conditioning is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the power consumption and achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.


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