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        Interpretation of the advantages and disadvantages of various windows

        According to the different ways of opening windows, they are mainly divided into the following types: flat window, sliding window, suspended window, vertical window and internal inverted window, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

        I. casement window

        Flat opening is the most common and economical window

        Its advantages are:

        1. Large opening area for good ventilation;

        2. When the casement window is closed, the rubber sealing strip is compressed in the frame groove, and produces elastic deformation, thus forming a complete sealing system. Therefore, its performance of heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation is very good.

        The disadvantages are:

        1. The open window is small, and the vision is not wide influenced by the window frame;

        2. The connection between the window sash and the frame is a cantilever structure, which shall bear the effect of wind load when opening out, and the external casement window shall not be used in high-rise buildings.


        II. Sliding window

        Sliding window adopts the track sliding of the window sash equipped with pulley on the window frame, which is divided into left and right, up and down sliding.

        The advantages of sliding window are:

        1. It makes the window sash slide on the frame track through the track and pulley, and does not occupy the indoor space;

        2. Without cantilever structure, the wind load is far less than that of casement window;

        3. Low requirement for the moment of inertia of the profile is conducive to the reasonable reduction of the profile section and the cost;

        4. High grade slide rail is adopted, which is flexible to open, simple in process, not easy to damage and convenient in maintenance.

        5. The opening direction can be changed to make a vertical sliding window, so that the ventilation is located above the window to improve the ventilation effect.

        The disadvantages are:

        1. The maximum opening area is only 1 / 2 of the window area, and the ventilation area is small. The sliding window is not an ideal energy-saving window;

        2. The gap between the frame and the fan is fixed, and the wool assembled close to the fan track strip contacts with the frame without elastic pressing force, so the performance of sealing, heat insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation is poor.

        III. Suspension windows

        Suspension window is mainly divided into upper, middle and lower suspension windows. The upper suspension window refers to the window which is fixed on the upper side and pushed open from the lower side; the middle suspension window refers to the window which is composed of the window frame and the sash fixed with glass; the lower suspension window mainly refers to the window which is fixed on the lower side and pushed open from the upper side, also known as the inner lower suspension window.

        Advantages of suspended window:

        1. It has good ventilation performance. When the upper suspension window is opened, it can connect with the outdoor space to the greatest extent, and the upper suspension window can prevent the strong wind from blowing directly to the human body, and has certain wind resistance performance; while the middle suspension window has the largest opening area, which is almost equal to the window area when it is opened at 90 degrees; it can promote indoor air circulation and is widely used in buildings requiring large-area ventilation , such as shopping malls, bus stations, etc;

        2. It has strong practicability, can avoid occupying indoor space, and install upper and middle hung windows reasonably. Even if you forget to close the windows, it is difficult for rainwater to enter the room;

        3. It is not easy to open from the outside and has good anti-theft performance;

        4. In order to improve the sealing and shock absorption effect, the O-type sealing strip is set between the window frame and the window sash, and the K-type sealing strip is set between the window sash and the glass, with good sealing performance.

        The disadvantages are:

        1. It is difficult to process;

        2. There are more transition materials and special sealing strips in the middle suspension window than in the general window, which increases the material cost and high cost;

        3. Later maintenance costs are large.

        IV. vertical rotating window

        Vertical rotation window is a window with fixed central vertical axis and open rotation.

        Advantages: 1. Simple and beautiful, flexible opening and closing; 2. Excellent ventilation and lighting, similar to the mid hung window, almost equal to the window area when it is opened at 90 degrees, which can promote indoor air circulation; 3. Clean and convenient, safe and reliable; 4. Similar to the hung window, the sealing performance is strict and good.

        Disadvantages: the same as the suspension window, in addition, when the vertical rotation window is opened, it takes up more indoor space.


        V. inside opening and inside reversing window

        The so-called inward opening and inward reversing window means that it can be opened to the interior in the same way as the ordinary inward opening window, and it can also be inverted at the same time, that is, the lower part of the window does not move, and the upper part inclines to the interior.


        1. The ventilation performance is good, which is equivalent to the lower suspension window. The ventilation part is on the upper side and the left and right sides, which is easier to remove indoor carbon dioxide, and the rainwater is not easy to enter the room;

        2. The appearance is exquisite, except for the handle, the other parts are hidden, and the overall feeling is simple and bright;

        3. Easy to clean;

        4. Security and anti-theft. The possibility of children jumping out of windows is largely avoided. At present, the general newly-built medium and high-grade residential areas are not allowed to install the anti-theft window devices with rules and regulations, so such windows are very popular, and are very popular in Europe at present.

        Disadvantages: it has the similar disadvantages of suspension window. At the same time, its hardware, such as chain, hinge and pull rod, are generally foreign products with good quality but high cost.



        Windows affect the atmosphere of a space, and the form style of windows affects the overall architectural style. Compared with residential buildings, high-quality windows have a decisive impact on the quality of life of residents. Don't neglect the window.


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