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        How to reduce the pollution caused by light reflection of glass curtain wall?

        The light reflection of urban glass curtain wall will cause serious visual impact on people, especially drivers, and also bring serious reflection damage to the surrounding environment, so how to deal with this phenomenon? It is suggested that in the selection of curtain wall glass, translucent or full transparent glass curtain wall should be used to reduce the intensity of reflected light. The following points explain the detailed solutions to reduce the light reflection pollution of urban glass curtain wall.

        1. Mirror glass should be avoided for curtain wall glass

        In order to prevent the influence of the light reflection of the building glass curtain wall near the road on the traffic, it is not recommended to select the mirror glass curtain wall when selecting the material of the first floor of the glass curtain wall.

        2. Curved glass curtain wall is not used

        The focus light reflected by the concave curved curtain wall is easy to cause fire due to its high temperature; the convex curved curtain wall is easy to form light reflection on the street, so the curved curtain wall should be avoided as a glass curtain wall.

        3. Select special curtain wall glass with low glare performance

        Glass plays an important role in LED curtain wall, so special glass with low glare performance should be selected according to the parameters of various glasses when selecting curtain wall glass. The parameters of glass used in urban led curtain wall screen include natural light parameters of construction environment, reflection, transmission and absorption coefficient of natural light, and the maximum area, weight and thickness of curtain wall glass Degree and wind capacity. As we all know, the glass has the characteristics of absorption, reflection and transmission to the external light. Therefore, the glass curtain wall integrates this characteristic and selects different types of glass when making and constructing the glass curtain wall. Generally, the glass used in curtain wall is divided into tinted glass, transparent glass, chemical glass, laminated glass, heat absorbing glass, coated glass and coated glass, etc. you can know the advantages and disadvantages of using these glass in the above curtain wall.

        4. Use glass film with low reflectivity to avoid light pollution of curtain wall

        The PET polyester film in the glass film is firm and tough, and contains special adhesive. The surface of the curtain wall glass is pasted with the glass film, which can reduce the direct sunlight by more than 50%, absorb harmful spectrum, insulate and save energy, adjust spectrum video, create a soft and comfortable environment for indoor, and greatly reduce the intensity of reflected light for outdoor To avoid light pollution.


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