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        How to distinguish aluminum alloy from magnesium alloy?

        1. Tensile strength: the frame made of magnesium alloy with the same volume is not as strong as aluminum alloy. To reach the frame strength, the material thickness and pipe diameter must be increased, so there is no advantage in comparing magnesium alloy with aluminum alloy from the perspective of weight.



        2. The fatigue strength indicates that the durability of frame made of magnesium alloy material of the same volume is worse than that of aluminum alloy frame. It is also a fatal defect of magnesium alloy. With the more times of riding, the higher the times of stress occurrence, the lower the strength will be significantly, even the frame life will not exceed 2-3 years, so professional riders rarely use magnesium alloy frame, if used in the competition, it is also calculated that the mileage is replaced in the form of abandonment.

        3. Explanation of metal oxidation: the periodic table of elements clearly shows that magnesium alloy is easier to be oxidized and corroded than aluminum alloy.

        4. Manufacturing cost Description: because magnesium alloy is active metal, the manufacturing equipment and environment have higher requirements, resulting in high manufacturing cost, and the cost performance of the bicycle frame produced is far lower than that of aluminum alloy frame.

        5 specific gravity density shows that the mass of magnesium alloy is lighter than that of aluminum alloy under the same volume, which is the advantage of magnesium alloy.

        6. The elastic modulus shows that the frame made of magnesium alloy is less rigid than that of aluminum alloy, and the frame made of the same thickness and pipe diameter will absorb more trampling force to affect the riding efficiency in actual riding.


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